• Wayne Hindson

Three words that will change your life

If I had to ask you to share three words that could change your life, what would you say? Maybe "I love you"? Perhaps "faith, hope, love". Would "exit this way" be considered? What about "do something great" or "whatever it takes" or even "it is well".

There are so many more options when it comes to the three words which will change your life, but it is none of those listed above. And to be honest, it's probably three words that most people would have trouble deciding upon.

Yet the other day I was reminded of those three words: "Never Stop Praying". These words are found in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 NLT in my bible and I truly believe they are the three words that will change your life. No, not necessarily the words themselves, but what and who they represent.

Christians around the world have known the power of prayer for centuries, ever since Jesus walked the earth more than 200 years ago. Prayer opens a connection to heaven, it's like this direct line to God, and that's the reason they can be so powerful. Prayer allows us to tap into the resources of heaven in order to further the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Yet I think if we are honest, we don't always implement those three words. "Never stop praying" seems easy enough, but when you throw in work, family, hobbies and exercise it is easy to see how praying can get pushed to the side. Maybe that's an unconscious thing, perhaps it's because we think praying needs to look a certain way and to be done in a particular place.

Rather than be disheartened by a verse like 1 Thessalonians 5:17, we should actually be encouraged. This verse, and many others in the bible, make it clear that prayer is actually an easy thing to do. We don't need to set aside an hour every day and lock ourselves away in a room (although there is nothing wrong with that of course.)

"Never stop praying" is about a desire to constantly be connected with our heavenly Father. It's about having those channels of communication always open, both ways, in order that we take every opportunity to converse with the Lord. You can do that in the shower, you can do that driving to work, you can do that riding your bike or swimming laps in the pool.

So next time you have time to spare, take a moment to ponder those three words that will change your life - never stop praying.

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