• Wayne Hindson

The True King

I've been enthralled in a TV series on Netflix called Tiger King. Now from the outset let me say that show is not for everyone and some of the content is very un-Christian, so please be mindful that this is NOT a recommendation to watch Tiger King.

But in this show there is a man called Joe Exotic who is a self-professed Tiger King. He owns a zoo in Oklahoma that has more than 200 big cats on the premises. In this series we see Joe build himself an empire in which he is the ruler, the one who calls all the shots.

And sadly in this world there are many people like Joe Exotic. Maybe they don't all own zoos or big cats, but they have created for themselves an empire in which they are in control. They make the decisions, they call the shots and they are the central focus.

We read about several rulers like this in the bible too. Think King Xerxes, who held a lavish feast which last for a total of 187 days. Or King Ahab, arguably the most evil king of the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel. King Ahaz burned his own children as a sacrifice, Manasseh practiced black magic and Manahem killed the reigning king in order to take the throne.

Yet in amongst all of these kings mentioned in the bible, there is only one true King and his name was Jesus. Unlike others, Jesus came not to rule the people but to serve them. He came not to indulge in earthly excess, rather he came to divulge Kingdom truth. While earthly kings protect their empire, Jesus willingly surrendered his by dying on the cross.

So today if you are looking for someone to follow, don't bow down to false idols or to self-professed kings. Rather, get to know the King of Kings - his name is Jesus and He loves you.

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