• Wayne Hindson

Mining for gold

Recently my family went to a small town in Western NSW called Hill End. Today it is an unremarkable place in the middle of nowhere, save for the remnants of its gold mining past. In fact the only reason most people go to Hill End is to learn about its history, our family included.

While we were in the area we walked to one of the disused mines, and along the way came upon a spot where the mining company used to discard dirt which had been dug out of the ground. The mining company wrongly believed that there was nothing of value in amongst these piles, and so they basically threw it away.

Yet there were others in the area who saw the piles of dirt as an opportunity. They didn't just see mounds of waste, rather they dug through this dirt by hand, meticulously searching for something precious within. And for many of them, what they found was enough gold to make them quite wealthy.

As I read about this recently, it occurred to me that we can sometimes see people like those piles of dirt. We can see them as unremarkable, as lacking value, or someone on which we shouldn't waste our time or effort. Maybe someone has made you feel that way at one point of time?

Yet in every person there is gold. In every person there are attributes and characteristics which are highly valuable. For some, to find them we just need to scratch the surface but for others it takes a lot more digging, a lot more investment and time to find the hidden treasure.

There are so many verses in the bible that speak to the value we have in the eyes of the Lord, with one being Deuteronomy 7:6 - "For you are a holy people, who belong to the Lord your God. Of all the people on earth, the Lord your God has chosen you to be his own special treasure."

So next time you see someone, don't look at their shortcomings and their problems, we all have those. Try and see them as their Heavenly Father sees them - a special treasure to be celebrated.

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