• Wayne Hindson

Live for Today

Being stuck in a lockdown isn’t much fun for anybody, but through it all there have been positives. For some that has been enjoying more time at home with family. For others, working from home has meant less time commuting to work. Some have picked up new hobbies or tried new things for the first time.

I’m sure we can agree that we don’t want to stay stuck at home - it’s always nice to have the choice to go somewhere - but now that some restrictions are easing, the danger can become that we lose sight of all the good things we experienced during lockdown. For a lot of people life went at a slower pace and it was healthy for them.

But as the tempo of life slowly increases, as we return to the roads and driving to our workplaces, as the kids go back to school and we go back to school drop offs and making school lunches, so too can things like stress and worry. We can start to think ahead, to get anxious about what is ahead and all that we need to do.

Yet a verse like Matthew 6:34 offers us a different perspective. It says “Refuse to worry about tomorrow, but deal with each challenge that comes your way, one day at a time. Tomorrow will take care of itself.”

There are so many unknowns about what is ahead and if we dwell on the possibilities of what could be, of what might happen, of how things could potentially play out, then we are going to get so distracted and forget to celebrate all the blessings that we have today.

I firmly believe that God is good, and that each day is one to be celebrated and enjoyed. That’s not to deny that tomorrow exists, of course it does (hopefully), but to dwell on that is to diminish the importance of what God has given us today.

And the reality is that everyone has a thought about what tomorrow will look like. Some say things will go back to how they were before this pandemic began. Others suggest there will be a new normal, but things won’t ever be the same as they were. There are so many different opinions and that’s really all they are - people making educated guesses based on information available today.

But how many times has that been wrong? Remember when Covid first hit and people said it would be gone in a few weeks? That was 18 months ago. Remember when our previous Premier said the recent lockdown would only last a week? Sydney spent 107 days locked down before restrictions eased earlier this week.

We should Refuse to worry about tomorrow because the only one who really knows what tomorrow will bring is the Lord. He is still in control, nothing has changed, and so let’s choose to be thankful for our cup that is overflowing, rather than believing we have a glass that is half empty.

Live for today because tomorrow will take care of itself.

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