• Wayne Hindson

Do what you can

When my family and I lived in Sri Lanka a few years ago, we would regularly be confronted by the poverty around us. Men, women and children begging on the streets was commonplace and a simple trip to the shops could break your heart.

Every time I would see a homeless person asking for help, my heart just wanted to give them all the money in my pockets. Something like 1000 rupees would mean so much to them, but for me, In Australian dollar terms, it really wasn't very much money at all.

Yet I knew that the need was so great that if I gave money to every beggar then very soon our family would have nothing to live on. So I had to get to this place of accepting that I couldn't help every person who asked, but I could help some of them.

As I was reflecting on that time the other day, it reminded me that no one person, no single church, is supposed to do it all. That's the great thing about being part of the body of Christ - individually we all have a role to play, and collectively we can meet all the needs.

This thought is one we should be considering in these times of Covid-19 as well. There are many families who need help, many businesses that need your support and many non-profit organisations desperate for your donations. But you can't help them all - no one has that capacity, not even the wealthiest person on the planet.

But you're also not supposed to do it all. Simply choose to do what you can do, knowing that others in the body of Christ will fill the gaps left behind.

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